Drysuit Repair

Entrusting your drysuit to a company or an individual can be scary. Let’s face it, without your drysuit, your next dive might not be what you are used to. We will get you back in the water quickly and expertly, and without breaking the bank.

Drysuit Repair Prices:

Item Retail
Neck Seals $63
Wrist Seals (pair) $63
Zipper Replacement (includes zipper) $231
Boot Install (User-supplied boots) $63
Sock Install (includes socks) $120
Tank Test $44
Leak Repair $13
Valve Clean $25
Valve Install (plus valve or user-supplied valve) $63
Alterations Shop Time of $106/hour
Relief Zipper Install $231
Dry Gloves Shop Time
Neoprene Knee Pads $63
Carbon Fiber Knee Pads $156
Install Pocket $45
Install Suspenders $75
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement $94
Install Relief Valve $63
User Replaceable Seals Shop Time of $106/hour
Parts Retail
Pocket (each) $50
Exhaust/Inflator Valve (each) $100
Wrist Valve (each) (No warranty on wrist valves) $50
Basic Tailored Neoprene Drysuit $1063
Suspenders (pair) $50
Shop Time per Hour $106

Please contact Underwater Development at (206) 858-1042  text or voice,  or (386) 801-2327 text only, or email underwaterdevelopment@gmail.com for reliable, fast service. We can pick up and deliver on Tuesdays in the Seattle area, or mail to 418 90th St NW; Marysville, WA 98271. Please include our phone number (206) 858-1042 when using this shipping address. Prices do not include shipping.


For orders, please email us at huffes@gmail.com, or call (386) 801-2327. This is temporary until we get the website fully operational. Dismiss